Create an MMORPG with X-treme Worlds

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Create an MMORPG with X-treme Worlds Empty Create an MMORPG with X-treme Worlds

Post  adrian401 on Tue Sep 30, 2008 8:08 pm

You can download it from here
XtremeWorlds (XW) is a powerful, free 2D MMORPG Engine/Maker. With XW you can make your own MMORPG with no coding in just minutes. If you find that the engine does not seem to have everything you need, you can code it in with our versatile scripting system. Unlike other free MMORPG creation systems, XW is updated regularly, so any bugs that are found are fixed immediately. XW has some great features, so please go check them out on the features page. XW is not an open source engine, but anything you feel that the engine is lacking can be suggested on the feature request section of the forums and will most likely be added. Compared the other similar engines such as Elysium and Eclipse, XW is the most stable and one of the best online game makers available.

Thys is the description so, short: It contains a server and a client. You need only to make the map, items, quests.....the rest is already done.

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